What is Love Poem

What Is Love Poem By Sue Ellson Alfred Nicholas Gardens Sherbrooke Victoria

What is Love Poem

By Sue Ellson

Love is one of the strongest emotions I have ever felt. A connection to the divine within, between me and something else—human, animal or experience.

A feeling of transcendence that surpasses logic and time. That lingers or can be lost.

At times, it can create a sense of fear of future loss or abandonment. When it is so intensely overwhelming, it can be felt throughout one’s entire being and you can be brought to tears either experiencing it or remembering it.

Genuine love can be shared without the need for it to be returned. Given without reward for a moment or a lifetime. It can respond to pain, vulnerability and familiarity.

It can appear when one least expects it. A touch, a gesture, a look, a longing from deep within.

The feeling can be triggered before or after something actually happens—in anticipation, participation or reflection.

It can occur when we are still and silent. Self love has an enormous capacity to change our destiny.

Romantic love can be driven by lust, desire, compatibility or difference.

Love for others can feed the soul. A sense of compassion allows us to love another despite their behaviour.

There is spoken love—when words are used to express feelings and sentiments.

There is unspoken love—that is shared through actions, touch, gestures and time.

There is love for and love with.

Love to and love from.

To receive love takes courage sometimes. To reject love is not always a choice.

Romantic love can be about attachment or possession. Love can be for another and can sacrifice what we want for ourselves.

Love is a devotion.

A prayer for a soul.

The spirit within.

Love comes and goes if we see it as an item to collect. True love waits and responds or reaches and rewards—sometimes without direction or dimension.

Love surprises and delights.

Shivers and excites.

Love allows.

Love understands.

Love listens.

Love limits.

Love enfolds.

Love is now.

Love is then.

Love was.

Love is.

Love speaks.

Love empowers.

Love celebrates.

This is what love is to me.

A friend and I decided to sit down and write down our own answer to the question ‘What is love?’ This is what I wrote…

With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo was taken in Alfred Nicholas Gardens, Sherbrooke Victoria Australia on 25 April 2019

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