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Sunset at Green Lake Bungalally near Horsham Victoria Australia on 8 December 2022

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  1. Fifth Non-Fiction Book Launch
  2. Upcoming Presentation
  3. Presentation Recording
  4. Items Published
  5. New LinkedIn Features
  6. Latest Offer
  7. End of Year Musings

1. Fifth Non-Fiction Book Launch

So excited to be starting 2023 with the launch of the print edition of my fifth non-fiction book!

LinkedIn For Me And My Career Or Business By Sue Ellson

23 January 2023
‘LinkedIn for me and my career or business’ Print Book Launch
1 session x 60 minutes 12:00pm AEDT UTC +11
https://linkedinformeprintbooklaunch.eventbrite.com.au or

2. Upcoming Presentations

11 January 2023
LinkedIn for Medical, Health and Nursing Professionals
1 session x 60 minutes 12:00pm AEDT UTC +11

More at https://sueellson.com/presentations-2023

3. Presentation Recordings

LinkedIn for Migrants, Expatriates and Repatriates

LinkedIn for Midlife Mavens

More at https://sueellson.com/linkedin-insight-webinars-and-recordings

4. Items Published

End of Year Rush Poem
Recruiters reveal the three different personality types employers are really looking for – and how to know which one you are
Dave Stokes Author 2 Audio interviewing Sue Ellson
Following the leaver 
Why Quitfluencers are causing workplace chaos
Thank You Channel Nine Today Extra and Daily Mail Australia

More at https://sueellson.com/publications-2022

5. New LinkedIn Features

a. Scheduling Posts – this has taken a long time to roll out and is currently available from your LinkedIn Personal Profile

b. Carousel Posts – you may have previously saved your landscape or portrait style PowerPoint Presentations as a PDF and uploaded them as a Document in the Newsfeed. Some experts are encouraging you to save it in 1080 x 1080 pixel square format as these appear to be performing better than other post formats at present.

c. Company Page Newsletter – the ability to create one Newsletter per Company Page is now even easier from the Admin menu on the left hand side of your screen. Just click the + next to the word ‘Newsletter.’

Once you click on this, you will be asked for more information including the Newsletter Title, How often you would like to publish it and a brief description. It is exciting to hear that your Page Followers will be invited to subscribe and you will be subscribed, so you may wish to increase your Followers before you launch! https://sueellson.com/blog/how-to-get-more-followers-on-your-linkedin-profile-or-page/. You can only have one newsletter per LinkedIn Page.

5. Latest Offer

There is a page on my website providing resources you are welcome to access https://sueellson.com/latest-offer.

Lots of video content coming soon, so please subscribe at https://www.youtube.com/@sueellson

6. End of Year Musings

Conversation. I recently read that a lot of people don’t know how to answer the question ‘what do you do?’ Personally, I dislike this question and I prefer to ask ‘what keeps you busy during the day?’

At this time of the year, we often catch up with people we haven’t seen in a while, so it can be a good idea to prepare what you would like to say when you are asked. I give myself different ‘labels’ depending on who asks.

If I am feeling courageous, I say I am an author. If I am in a business situation, I usually say I am a LinkedIn Specialist. If I am feeling cheeky, I say a lot of different things and then ask them what they do.

Please don’t let these questions get you down. I find that safe topics include food and travel. Everyone I have ever met likes talking about what they like eating and where they have travelled to in the past!

Finally, I would like to pass on my sincerest thanks to the people who have supported me in various ways throughout the year. I am extremely grateful for the many new opportunities that have come my way.

Enjoy the rest of your day and cheers for now, Sue 

Sue Ellson 2022

Independent LinkedIn Specialist, Educator, Practitioner, Author

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