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Sue Ellson outside Channel 9 studio Melbourne on 20 March 2023

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  1. Upcoming Presentations
  2. Presentation and Video Recordings
  3. Items Published
  4. New LinkedIn Features
  5. Latest Offer
  6. Musing

1. Upcoming Presentations

LinkedIn for Military, Defence and Emergency Services Professionals with Sue Ellson
LinkedIn for Military, Defence and Emergency Services Professionals

https://sueellson.com/blog/linkedin-for-military-defence-and-emergency-services-professionals12 April 2023
LinkedIn for Military, Defence and Emergency Services Professionals
1 session x 1 hour 12:00pm – 1:00pm $0

15 April 2023
LinkedIn for me and my career or business Workshop – in person in Melbourne maximum of four people, includes book
1 session x 4 hours 9:30am – 1:30pm $195
Register at https://linkedinforme.eventbrite.com.au

More at https://sueellson.com/presentations-2023

2. Presentation and Video Recordings

Bare Minimum Mondays Sue Ellson David Campbell Sylvia Jeffreys on The Today Show
Bare Minimum Mondays Segment on Today Extra

LinkedIn Book by an Australian Author

Channel 9 Today Extra – Bare Minimum Mondays

LinkedIn for Social Media, Marketing and Digital Strategy Professionals

How a LinkedIn Specialist Went To The World Via Video

More at https://sueellson.com/videos

3. Items Published

Sue Ellson in Melbourne Online Brand Keynote Speaker
Sue Ellson Online Branding Keynote Speaker

Bare Minimum Monday
LinkedIn Book by an Australian Author
People dreading work take on ‘bare minimum Mondays’ approach
Online Branding Keynote Speaker
Call out to Participate in Engage Boroondara Survey for Economic Development and Tourism Plan, includes video interview
The rise of ‘bare minimum Mondays’ – and why it’s the latest job trend taking thousands of workers by storm
When moving to the country doesn’t quite work out
On recording at 00:47:43
The ‘great resignation’ backflip: Why most Aussies regret quitting their job

More at https://sueellson.com/publications-2023

4. New LinkedIn Features

a. Change of location for Analytics – check out your very own Dashboard at https://www.linkedin.com/dashboard

LinkedIn Dashboard Analytics and Tools

b. LinkedIn Kudos Option removed – in the past, when you click on the Post box in your Newsfeed and the three dots, we had nine choices of content to add to the Newsfeed including the option to give someone ‘Kudos.’ This has now been removed – but please don’t forget to acknowledge someone’s great work with a Skills Endorsement and/or written Recommendation

LinkedIn Post Types Kudos Option Removed

c. Notifications Categorised – when you visit your Notifications at https://www.linkedin.com/notifications you can now see them all or sort them according to your Posts or your Mentions

LinkedIn Notifications now categorised

d. LinkedIn Groups – if you are on the LinkedIn App on your mobile device and you look at your own LinkedIn Profile and scroll right to the end, LinkedIn now shows a list of ‘Groups you may be interested in’

5. Latest Offer

There is a page on my website providing resources you can download at https://sueellson.com/latest-offer

I am on a mission to have more subscribers on my YouTube Channel, so if you would like to be kept up to date with my latest video content, you can subscribe and notify at https://www.youtube.com/@sueellson

6. Musing

Productivity. Most of us who have completed the same task more than once become more efficient over time. But there is a trap we can fall into where we focus on familiar tasks and forget to work on the most urgent and we start believing that everything is important. This leads to burnout, but also a drop in our productivity. So before you continue going through your tasks today, can I invite you to stop for a minute and reflect on what is urgent, what is important and what can wait or even be eliminated.

Enjoy the rest of your day and cheers for now, Sue 

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Sue Ellson

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