Farewell Poem

Farewell Poem By Sue Ellson Mornington Beach Victoria

Farewell Poem

By Sue Ellson


Sometimes a knock goes unanswered
Sometimes a call will share the news
You’ve lost a loved one now and forever
Your heart begins to feel the blues


The tears fall
The anger rises
The loss lingers
The joy subsides


Why did it happen?
How can it be?
It was so good
What about me?


Time will pass
Memories will fade
But here I am
Feeling so dismayed


How do I heal?
It is all so unreal
What was is no longer
When will I be stronger?


My journey has changed destinations
My mind is filled with ruminations
Of what was
Of what could be
Of what we did
Of what I’ll see


What lies ahead?
What is still missing?
What is in store
Without you to hold?


I am left with a catalogue
Of happy memories
Of blissful moments
Of treasured words
Of heartfelt actions


So I keep them filed
Ready to reach
When the skies grow dark
On my isolated beach


As I watch the waves
Come and go
I contemplate my future
And see the flow


You came
You left
I feel bereft


I saw
I heard
My life whirred


But that was then
And this is now
Let the music within
Play again


A tune so sweet
A reverie
A song for you
A memory


Of good
Of bad
Of some so sad
That’s life
That’s living
I am so glad


To have the chance
To sail with you
To surf the waves
To rise anew


The horizon appears
New destinations await
The crew often changes
On the ship of fate


But I am the captain
Of my vessel true
This bumpy passage
It gave me you


Farewell for now
Until we meet again
Farewell for now
Roam free beyond the pain


I can’t see you
But I feel you
I can’t touch you
But I’m guided by you


You’re here in me
That’s where you’ll be
Until I’m ready
To set you free


Farewell my darling
Farewell from me
Farewell my darling
Forever seen


We all know the pain we feel when certain people are no longer in our life – through absence or through death. Sometimes the loss of the living is even harder than the loss of the deceased, because we know they are still ‘there’ but we cannot be with them. Sometimes it is by choice, sometimes it is without choice. But farewell them we must if it wasn’t meant to be. Farewell them we must, if we are to be free. Remember that the greatest love is within you, others simply shine a light on it. Bask in your own glow and let the sun shine in. Radiate joy, begin again.

With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of Mornington Beach, Victoria, Australia on 23 February 2020

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