Shock Poem

Shock Poem By Sue Ellson Tree Fern Near Mount Hotham Victoria Australia

Shock Poem

By Sue Ellson


It hit me
I am wounded
I am damaged
My brain has changed
My dream has waned
My life is shamed


It hit me
I am wounded again
I am damaged again
My brain has changed again
My dream has waned again
My life is shamed again


A shock
A shock
The cycle repeats
How do I recover?


I strike
I swear
Nothing matters
I cease to care


It hurts
It stings
Nothing changes
Caught in these strings


A person appears
Lets me share my fears
A kind word is spoken
I feel slightly less broken


A moment in nature
Puts my mind at rest
I relax for a moment
I feel it in my chest


A stretch of my body
Untangles my muscles
I release the tension
I feel it in my knuckles


I have grasped too long
That shock, that pain
I will be kind to myself
And triumph again


I am not defined
By a moment in time
I am not the story
I can have glory


My light within
Is bright and clear
My light within
Is love not fear


The darkness helps pause
Time and space
The light allows
Healing and grace


My wounds inspire
Increase my creativity
My soul’s expression
Of my divinity


I have met a variety of people in my life who have been in very challenging situations and have been diagnosed with PTSD. One woman has been able to redefine her life and train service dogs and she has embraced the experience to find a new way forward and I am full of admiration for her new path. I have had various clients tell me stories and even when I watch an interesting drama film or series, I twinge when I empathise with the storyline.

However, today I read this article and I felt compelled to summarise my thoughts and feelings on this topic in a poem. Like everyone else, I have had some challenges (not quite as severe as others), but I am here to say that I do understand and I feel truly blessed when people feel as if they can release a part of their trauma in conversation with me. It is not a burden, it is a privilege. Especially when I think of the wonderful souls who have allowed me to do the same. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of a tree fern regrowing after a bushfire on 14 March 2020

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