I’ll Stay At Home Poem

I'll Stay At Home Poem By Sue Ellson

I’ll Stay At Home Poem

By Sue Ellson


I’ll stay at home
And help the cause
To stop the virus
I need to pause


I’ll stay at home
And help my community
To stop the virus
I need to do my duty


I’ll stay at home
And reach out to my friends
To stop the virus
I need to make amends


Yes I feel weird
Yes I feel strange
Yes I wish
We could just be together again


Yes I am frustrated
Yes I could scream
Yes I wish I could be on life‘s team


But I can’t right now
And that’s okay
So let’s find a way
To be okay today


I can write a letter
I can draw a picture
I can put it in the post
Signed, sealed and delivered


I can share my love
In a different way
Imagine the surprise
When it is opened one day


I can listen without distractions
On a video call
I can show I understand
Even if they drop the ball


For I know deep down
That the virus is here
But kindness and compassion
Can also spread this year


Then when we look back
We will see we have changed
We will be wiser and kinder
And never quite the same


Here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, we are in Stage 4 Lockdown and I know that it is very trying for many people. Even the most resilient of us have had to find new ways to adjust to a different lifestyle. We can take strength from the stories of other people in history who have survived even more challenging conditions, but we still need to face the reality of each day and the gremlins in our mind that are not always kind or compassionate to ourselves or to others.

However, I believe we can all find a way to press on and if one technique doesn’t work, we can always try another. I would like to personally thank all of the lovely people who have checked in on me and kept in touch. This year, I have been buoyed by beautiful music, lying in bed reflecting on stories I have heard and writing, a lot more frequently!

I have now decided that writing will become a much larger part of my life – something I officially started just four years ago when my first book was published, but with three more due before the end of the year, it is time for me to focus and share my wisdom, kindness and compassion in the best way I know how.

I hope you can find many different ways to be wise, kind and compassionate to those you know, both near and far. May we ultimately create a virus of love to defeat the virus of COVID-19.

With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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