What If Poem

What If Poem By Sue Ellson

What If Poem

By Sue Ellson


What if you believed they loved you
Not hated you


What if you believed they cried for you
Not laughed at you


What if you believed they spoiled you
Not denied you


What if you believed they empowered you
Not controlled you


What if you believed they heard you
Not ignored you


What if you believed they appreciated you
Not frustrated you


What if you believed they adored you
Not admonished you


What if you hated them
Not loved them


What if you laughed at them
Not cried for them


What if you denied them
Not spoiled them


What if you controlled them
Not empowered them


What if you ignored them
Not heard them


What if you frustrated them
Not appreciated them


What if you admonished them
Not adored them


Is now the time
To believe something different
To do something different
To be something different


To look through new eyes
To see a new truth
To see yourself in others
To see others in you


Can you believe the best?
Can you accept the rest?
In yourself?
In others?
Then simply ask, what if?


As I was doing my housework today, I asked myself a very simple question. What if I believed that the person I had been in love with actually loved me? Did I get it all wrong and just assume they didn’t love me? Did I behave as if they didn’t love me? Did that give them the wrong message?

Then I felt compelled to ask a variety of other questions about the people I have met on my life journey. What if I believed something different and could see the lesson or the gift they had tried to share with me instead of reacting to the challenge I felt?

I have to say, it made me look at a lot of situations very differently and now I can look back and see them all as possibilities… I hope it helps you. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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