LinkedIn For Creatives

LinkedIn for Creatives Free LinkedIn Webinar with Sue Ellson

LinkedIn for Creatives

By Sue Ellson

This event was designed for Creatives who would like to learn more about how they can use LinkedIn and is the seventh event in the LinkedIn Insights Webinar and Online Event Series.

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Special thanks to Gemma Donnellan whose LinkedIn Profile was used as an example in the webinar. Gemma welcomes profile visits and connections

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You may also like to visit the event on LinkedIn as for the next 12 months, you will be able to see the 158 people who registered to attend and network away to your heart’s content!

Selected Comments from the Chat in the Webinar

This is terrific. Apologies for being late and leaving early – clashing appointments. I will look out for the recording link. Thank you, Sue.
I am already gettings value from this webinar. I will be sharing this with my youngest brother who is a traditional Creative. He is excited to see this recording.
“Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” received 121 rejections before an editor finally accepted. It went on to sell 5 million copies and influence a generation of thinkers (including me)
Being in a corporate role, from my perspective, organisations and employers are increasingly looking for new ways to engage employees, create new experiences and points of difference for corporate and client events, exciting work spaces, different ways to engage with customers, reward employees, bring teams together, etc. Great opportunities for artists to promote their services to organisations with dedicated budgets to spend on these types of products and services. (if you would like to start adding Google Reviews and earning points)
Great webinar Sue, thanks so much. Sorry I have to leave for another appointment.
Thank you Sue, nice webinar! I have another meeting. Cheers
Thanks Sue, lots of useful tips, have to leave now but really great, thanks for the invite
Thank you Sue! Terrific content, once again!
I agree with Trevor. I am excited to incorporate many of the tips you have provided.
Thanks tons – I really liked learning about the bits of LinkedIn that I didn’t know about, eg Creator Mode…I also really like the quote “anything you’ve done which is outside your comfort zone is an achievement”.
I’ll leave a review on LinkedIn and hopefully see you June 8 for the writers seminar
I plan to attend the webinar for Career Changers.
Enjoyed a reminder of the magic ‘160’ network / connection number
Is there a link to your upcoming LinkedIn for Authors session? – Start here (link not online yet)
A quote I read somewhere – “remember, you’re always only one decision away from a completely different life”
Thanks Gemma for letting Sue use your profile. I will check it out and be inspired by it. It’s good to have a guide or example. It is beneficial.
How to start writing a book webinar recording
Thank you 
Hey boys ’n’ gals, I need to run away….great seeing you all. If you wanna check out my profile and connect with me for any reason, feel free. Cheers and catch yaz all later!
I did a short video on Canva for my return to volunteering. I kept it simple and felt quite accomplished.
Terrific idea!
Would love to stay but regrettably I must away. Sue I will speak with you later.
Thank you so much.

Comments after the Webinar

Terrific workshop Sue. Thanks for so many really useful tips.
Great fun. Good on you Sue. Very much enjoy your webinars and love that folk jump in and discuss :>)
Thanks for the webinar. I am happy I attended. I will start implementing some of your suggestions. I am attending this month events that have to do with volunteering & nonprofits. Volunteering is one of my passions. I am going to have my QR Code ready to connect with others using LinkedIn. I am grateful to you. I am now Following you.
Hi Sue, I’ve really enjoyed your talk. I’ll have to watch it again, because I’m having trouble taking it all in.
Hi Sue, Great webinar, very helpful. I’m happy to make a small payment for your time & expertise, can I make it via PayPal?
It was such an informative session! I have attended some ‘paid’ sessions that offer less than what you provided in this complimentary session. Very generous, as always, Sue Ellson!
Usually ‘webinars’ that introduce services are promo and BS for the first 20 minutes. WOW. Sue surprises with getting into the meat and bones from ‘the-word-go’. This is the first webinar (on the expertise I wish to tap into) that I stayed right to the very end and I asked questions that got great answers. Rock star Sue. I’ll be back. 
A valuable practical How To guide for transforming a LinkedIn profile from a static digital business card (guilty as charged) to a living manager showcasing your best self. A day to pull into shape – 20 minutes a week to keep it alive. Challenge accepted! Thanks for another superb webinar Sue Ellson – you’re an authentic expert and a great teacher 

Reviews after the Webinar

I attended a webinar on using LinkedIn for Creatives, and I learned about many things I had no idea about, and met up with a great bunch of inspirational people. Great experience. Ashley Brown

‘Creatives’ webinar today, hosted and driven so professionally by Sue, was the first webinar that has caused me to write a recommendation. It was my introduction to Sue and her expertise. I have already ear-marked another of her webinars set for a couple of months hence. What a breath of fresh air. I learned a lot and know where to go to learn more. Wow factor+ for me because the webinars I have tapped into in the past (other presenters) have been ho-hum and had me bailing out. Thanks Sue. Trevor Trigg

Attended seminar. Very informative and fun to listen to. Recommend. Cathy Hall

I attended a fantastic LinkedIn event run by Sue Ellson. She truely knows her stuff. Her thoughts on LinkedIn strategy were considered, insightful and engaging. Emily Anderson

I attended my first webinar by Sue’s titled LinkedIn for Creatives. It was great! The information provided is helpful and I plan to implement much of it. Sue is engaging and friendly & answered all my questions thoroughly. I feel more confident that I can showcase my creative side on LinkedIn using the advice she provided. I highly recommend Sue’s webinar and services. I look forward to her future webinars. Lizette Melendez

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