LinkedIn for Midlife Mavens

LinkedIn for Midlife Mavens with Sue Ellson and Linda Butler Breakthrough that career plateau Virtual Summit

LinkedIn for Midlife Mavens

By Sue Ellson

Date: December 2022
Invitation from: Linda Butler
Organisation: Breakthrough that career plateau virtual summit
Topic: LinkedIn for Midlife Mavens
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Full Summit Program List of Speakers and Topics

Bernie Frazier – Your Success is in You!
Caroline Ceniza-Levine – Why Now Is The Best Time To Land Your Dream Career
Caroline De Kimpe – How To Shift From An Overworked Doer Into A Sought-After Leader
Diana Petzold Luik – SHINE, Never too late…. Stay in your power and make an impact
Jane Jackson – How to Gain Clarity and Confidence in Your Career
Janice Sutherland – When Quiet Quitting is not an option
Jeanie Cisco-Meth – Bully Proofing You: Taming the Bully Between Your Ears
Jelena Radonjic – How to Accelerate Your Career Progression Thru Networking
Jennifer Slagle – Master Your Energy so You Can Find Joy at Work
Jill Avey – Answering the Stay or Go question – How to know when it’s the right time to leave your job
Julie Ciardi – The power of a NOW Goal™ to create quantum leaps in business or career
Lauren Young Durbin – Overcoming Obstacles in Changing Careers
Lucia Knight – Career Superpowers and Kryptonite – Get out of your own way so you can fly
Maria Tomás-Keegan – Make Your Career A Soulful Fit
Marlo Lyons – Define your values – Define your career
Mary Guirovich – Careers By Design For Women Who Want to Thrive In Their Careers and Enjoy Life More
Mustafa Ammar – How to turn the great resignation into the great upgrade
Sara Curto – Showcasing Your Value in Interviews
Sue Ellson – LinkedIn for Midlife Mavens
Tessa White – Stages of Career Growth
Tiffany Uman – How To Advocate For Yourself In Your Career
Tineke Tammes – Three ways in which people are key to your career change

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