Loving Others Poem

Loving Others Poem By Sue Ellson

Loving Others Poem

By Sue Ellson


Loving others
with open hearts and curious eyes
with present minds and gentle ears
with warm souls and respectful touch
empowers us all


After writing a poem about Loving Yourself, I wanted to explore the importance of loving others. Some people are easier to love than others, especially if we feel some sort of synchronicity with them. Some of the people who are hard to love need our love more than others. Rather than closing ourselves off to these ‘difficult’ people, I truly believe that we must look beyond the surface and remain curious, gentle and respectful as they too have their own story and where they are now is simply a reflection of what has happened to them up until this point and how they have managed those experiences.

If we can love other people, it empowers them and it empowers us. I am not suggesting that you lower your boundaries or accept the unacceptable and I encourage you to maintain your own values. However, what I have noticed is that when I am more open, present and warm, I find it much easier to love others and yes, it empowers me and the other person. It is a very nice feeling. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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