Oh Self Poem

Oh Self Poem By Sue Ellson

Oh Self Poem

By Sue Ellson


Oh self, oh self, oh self
Why do I abandon you so
Oh so busy pleasing others
Oscillating to and fro


Oh self, oh self, oh self
Why do I accept less than I deserve
Oh so busy collecting breadcrumbs
Burning up all my reserves


Oh self, oh self, oh self
Why do I criticise my every action
Caught in fear and condemnation
Living in constant reaction


Oh self, oh self, oh self
My body speaks the truth
It knows what’s right, it knows what’s wrong
Do you really need any more proof?


Feel me
Heal me
Nurture me with love


See me
Be me
Nourish me with love


Free me
Thrill me
Give me true self-love


It seems that narcissism is a common theme in a lot of ‘failed relationship’ content on the internet and like many others, I have been trying to understand it a little more so that I can move beyond the memories of some of my own relationship experiences.

I am not an expert, but from what I have read, it seems that a ‘narcissist’ is someone who comes into our lives to show us our ‘traumas’ and give us an opportunity to address them. I find this view a little challenging because I certainly do not remember ‘asking’ for their help, but at the time, I can see that I was a bit of a sitting duck and an easy target!

Once I passed the ‘click bait’ phase of this ‘narcissist’ content, I discovered the same premise of so much relationship advice, you need to love your self first. This has always been a challenge for me as I like giving to others and I feel uncomfortable putting the focus on myself.

Living in Melbourne and being in and out of lockdown and living on my own, there isn’t really any other choice. I have the luxury of exploring these emotions and delving deeper into self-love and I have to say, I am grateful for this opportunity. My hope is that this poem helps you talk to your ‘self’ and listen to what it has to say. More poems around this theme coming soon. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of a lotus flower in a pond in the garden at Barossa Chateau, near Lyndoch in the Barossa Valley, South Australia on 16 January 2021.

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