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View from Mount Buninyong, Victoria, Australia 23 July 2022

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  1. Selected upcoming presentations
  2. Recent presentation recording
  3. Items published
  4. New LinkedIn Features
  5. Latest Offer
  6. Monthly musing

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1. Selected upcoming presentations

14 Sep 2022
Camberwell Networkers 2nd Wednesday Monthly – 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
1 session x 1 hour 7:30am – 8:30am $0 to attend, purchase your own refreshments on arrival
Camberwell Network at My Other Brother, Rear of 586 Burke Road, Camberwell, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3124

14 Sep 2022
LinkedIn for Trades People
1 session x 45 minutes 12:00pm – 12:45pm

More at https://sueellson.com/presentations-2022/

2. Recent presentation recording

LinkedIn for Students and Future Graduates

3. Items published

Expert tips to maximising this year’s performance review

Wheels Fallen Off Poem

Why Scott Morrison may find it harder to get a job after scandal

What to do before you sack someone

Unique Person Poem

The Great Respect – Lived Experience Activism and Advocacy

The rise of ‘quiet quitting’: This VERY worrying job trend sweeping Australia – so what exactly is it?

Is LinkedIn turning into Facebook? Is it still useful for business?

Domestic Violence Poem

More at https://sueellson.com/publications

4. New LinkedIn Features

a. Ability to pin Comments – if a comment is made after a post, you can choose to pin that comment to the top of the list.

b. Templates for LinkedIn mobile phone app – new templates are being rolled out which allow you to add an image and a link via the LinkedIn mobile phone app when you create a Post.

c. Follow and Connect – as you may already know, if you want to Connect with someone who has a Follow button on their LinkedIn Profile, you will need to choose ‘More’ and then ‘Connect.’ LinkedIn is highlighting in the My Network Invitations if someone is already Following you when they send the request to Connect.

5. Latest Offer

There is a page on my website providing resources you are welcome to access for $0 https://sueellson.com/latest-offer. I have now added a basic Social Media Statistics template suitable for any enterprise who wants to keep high level social media statistics and a link to all of their posts published online (most links can be collected from the time stamp of the post or the three dots next to the post).

My services are listed at https://sueellson.com/services

6. Monthly musing

Gratefulness. Did you know that we are designed for survival and are more likely to remember the risks rather than the rewards in our life?

Enjoy the rest of your day and cheers for now, Sue 

Sue Ellson 2022

Independent LinkedIn Specialist, Educator, Practitioner, Author

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