Edition 25

Sue Ellson at Channel 9 on 29 November 2023

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Your Bumper Edition for the holidays!

  1. Pay Job Candidates for Interviews
  2. Upcoming Presentations
  3. Presentations
  4. Publications
  5. Latest Offer
  6. Musing

1. Pay Job Candidates for Interviews

Back in 2021, as a result of hearing from many disgruntled job candidates about their negative job interview experiences, I suggested that there should be a nominal payment given to all interviewees to acknowledge the time and effort it takes to prepare for and attend an interview.

My reason? To make recruiters and decision-makers more accountable for their recruitment practices.

I was taught that you should never interview more than three candidates for a role way back in the 1990’s!

As we wrap up 2023, LinkedIn picked up on this topic as one of the 15 Big Ideas that will change Australia in 2024 as it is now gaining more traction.

Engage with this topic online at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/pay-job-candidates-interviews-say-what-sue-ellson and https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/15-big-ideas-change-australia-2024-linkedin-news-australia-rduzc%3F

2. Upcoming Presentations

10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Strategy with Sue Ellson

10 January 2024
10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Strategy
1 session x 30 minutes 12pm – 12:30pm $0 online
Register at https://www.linkedin.com/events/10waystoimproveyourlinkedinstra7140290821047631872 for the slides and recording – this webinar will discuss your career, business and brand strategy

20 January 2024
LinkedIn for me and my career or business Workshop
1 session x 4 hours 9:30am – 1:30pm $195 Canterbury, Melbourne
Register at https://linkedinforme.eventbrite.com.au

More at https://sueellson.com/presentations-2024

3. Presentation, Video and Radio Recordings

Chaotic Work Commute on Channel 9 Today Extra David Campbell Sylvia Jeffreys and Sue Ellson
David Campbell, Sylvia Jeffreys and Sue Ellson talking Chaotic Work Commute on Channel 9’s Today Extra

Chaotic Work Commute – Television

Toxic Workplaces – Television

Retail Customer Service Standards – Radio

Unretiring – Radio

Changing Careers – Radio

18 LinkedIn Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner – Podcast

How to remove an old email address from your LinkedIn Profile – Video

10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Events – Webinar Recording

10 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Posts – Webinar Recording

Online presence: a results-driven approach – inSTEM Conference Workshop – Slides

More at https://sueellson.com/videos-2023

4. Items Published

Conversation Poem by Sue Ellson Emus in Wartook Victoria on 22 November 2023

Conversation Poem (a commissioned piece for John McCann)

Hopeful Poem

Digital Dementia Poem

Mask Poem

The Symphony Of The Rainy Night Poem
Transcribed in Braille for the (In)Visible Libraries Project State Library of Victoria Collection

Personal Thank You to Channel 9 (also a poem)

Book Review – LinkedIn for me and my career or business by Lawrence Arnold FRSA

From SERPs to CHERPs (especially helpful for website owners)

Top 15 LinkedIn Experts In Melbourne In 2023

Help or harm: What does job hopping do for your career?

To the Class of 2023

Business toolbox: marketing tips for electrical contractor businesses

More at https://sueellson.com/publications-2023

5. Latest Offer

There is a page on my website providing resources you can download at https://sueellson.com/latest-offer

6. Musing

Story. My second book, ‘120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business‘ shared a range of stories to help people understand successful strategies for attracting opportunities. At this time of the year, we have the opportunity to review our internal stories and our life’s narrative. What would we like our life to look like next year and into the future?

If we keep sharing the same stories, we may keep achieving the same results. What parts of your story would you like to leave in the past and what parts would you like to continue in the future? If you would like to reflect on this in your own way, consider completing the mind map via this link, on paper, not in your head.

Enjoy the rest of your day and cheers for now, Sue 

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