Personal Thank You To Channel 9

Sue Ellson at Channel 9 Melbourne on 29 November 2023

Personal Thank You To Channel 9

By Sue Ellson

Full story below – but here is a little poem I wrote to say thank you to Channel 9 Australia!

Thank You Channel Nine by Sue Ellson

Thank you Channel 9

An article on the Daily Mail website
Led to Channel Nine in 2022
Now there are 17 segments in the can
Its hard for me to believe this is true


I’m sharing this little ditty
To say a heartfelt thank you
Its been an amazing experience
And I’ve learnt so much too


I value the opportunity
To educate and inform
To share what is relevant
And go beyond the norm


David, Sylvia and Belinda have been great
Jutta, Danielle and Andrea first rate
All of the producers and technical folk too
It’s really been a blessing to meet all of you


I’ve had a glow up
And a wardrobe refresh
There’s been lots of research
So I can do my best


I’ve met amazing guests in the makeup room
And joined Peter Hitchener’s fan club too
I hope my social shares have helped online
So once again sincerely, thank you Channel Nine!


I was first ‘spotted’ by Natacha Maloon from an article on the Daily Mail Australia website back in September 2022 on the topic of Quiet Quitting by Carina Stathis. Here’s the link to my personal thank you from the end of 2022.

Now, at the end of 2023, there are 17 segments in the can!

Chaotic Work Commute
Career Cliffs
Four Day Work Week
Toxic Workplaces
Managing Up
Lazy Girl Jobs
QuitTok Live Quitting Online
Bare Minimum Mondays
Loud Leaving, Work Addiction and Disgruntled Job Candidates
The Ageing Workplace
Gig Economy Growth
Resignation Regret
Career Cushioning 2022
Boss Baby Problems 2022
Mature Age Workers and Ageism 2022
Quiet Quitting 2022

Every time I am on air, the producers have kindly supplied a video recording that I have added to the Television page of my website and shared on my social media channels including YouTube, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Twitter / X and Google Business.

The initial segments attracted huge views on social media – Mature Age Workers almost 28,000 impressions on LinkedIn!

This year, the Resignation Regret and QuitTok segments performed the best (impressions and engagement) on LinkedIn.

The Lazy Girl Jobs video that is on the Channel 9 News Australia YouTube Channel has received over 13,000 views and 80 likes!

On the same day it was broadcast, I met Russell Morris and David Hirschfelder in the Hair and Makeup Room in Melbourne (and Peter Hitchener again) – what a buzz! I ended up going to Russell Morris’s concert at Hamer Hall after that!!

The QuitTok video on my YouTube channel went viral over one weekend and received over 2,100 views and 6 likes.

The LinkedIn News Team featured the Ageism story too!

Personally, I have had a bit of a ‘glow up’ thanks to the amazing skills of hair and makeup artists Jutta Schmitz and Danielle Eastick and a comprehensive wardrobe update (long overdue).

At heart, I am an educator – so the opportunity to share practical wisdom to a wider audience drives me to do my absolute best for every segment.

I do a lot of research for every segment and try and provide reliable Australian statistics to support my lived experience with clients, students and people I know. I don’t naturally remember lines so it takes quite a bit of practice to remember these statistics and share them live on television!

The process of finding Australian statistics can be challenging. On the most recent Chaotic Commute story, I realised afterwards that the statistic on only half as many people using public transport since 2016 was probably a better one to lead with than the commute time increasing from 55 to 68 minutes…but I know that in future, I will focus on the most important facts first.

I really appreciate receiving the recordings from Channel 9, not just to extend the life of the story, but to allow me to constantly improve the quality of my responses – more memorable useful information in less words in a friendly, inclusive and professional way is my goal! I welcome any feedback at any time.

Once again, thank you Channel 9!

Finally, here’s an alphabetical list of most of the people I have engaged with so far from Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide! For the record, I am based in Melbourne but I was in Adelaide for two segments and went to the Adelaide studio for the TOS broadcast.

On-Air Broadcasters
Belinda Russell
David Campbell
Sylvia Jeffreys

Off-Air Talent
David Hirschfelder
Jelena Dokic
Peter Hitchener
Russell Morris
Tom Gleeson
Tony Jones

Senior Staff
Ashleigh Sculley
Britt Cohen (Warburton)

Segment Producers
Annabel Wilcher
Ava Dale
Brayden Dykes
Briana Goodchild
Daniel Pegoraro
Emily Gilkes
Hayley Xiberras
Holly Fallon
Mia Rakhit
Sarah Mitchell

9Now Website Journalist
Tom Livingstone

Hair and Makeup
Andrea Hall
Danielle Eastick
Jutta Schmitz

Belinda Dobin
Jack Ward
Selina Zhang

Security Staff
Brett at 717 Bourke Street Security (and others)

Adelaide – Mark Stevens
Outside Broadcast – Joe Ferma

Shared online: Facebook Page, Facebook Profile, Google, LinkedIn Page, LinkedIn Profile, Twitter / X, Instagram

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